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We are here to serving our community, Thank you for supporting us in our return. We here for you, as you are for us..

COVID-19 has changed all of our lives. It has changed how we work, shop, exercise, eat, and find social connections. As we learn new information about the novel coronavirus, we shift and adapt to try to stay safe.

The Clinic is reopening on May 18th.

COVID-19 has changed how the clinic will operate. Using CDC guidance for best clinic practices, along with the desire to give patients the safest care possible, major changes will be made to the clinic.

Before coming to the clinic, patients must sign the COVID-19 consent form that will be sent through email.

In addition, a COVID-19 questioner must be filed before every appointment that will also be sent in an email.

New safety measures:

  • Practitioners will be wearing a mask and gloves and any additional PPE that is necessary.
  • Patients must wear a cloth or surgical mask regardless of symptoms during the visit. If patients do not wear masks upon arrival, one will be provided at a $5 charge.
  • There will be minimal talking while in the room and during the treatment.
  • There will be air sanitizing systems in each room that sanitize the air in each room with UV light.
  • Extra care and documentation for cleaning between patients.
  • Limiting the amount of patients seen per day.

New safety procedures for Visits:

  • We will be prescreening patients 18-24 hours before their appointment for COVID-19 symptoms through a questionnaire. There will be no cancellation fee for appointment missed due to possible coronavirus symptoms such as fever, chest tightness/cough, and sudden loss of taste/smell.
  •  There is no waiting room inside the office for patients to sit (except for patients without vehicles). Patients will wait in their cars if they arrive early, and wait for the call from the office for the appointment.
  • Patients must arrive AT THEIR APPOINTMENT TIME. Upon arrival, additional questions will be asked about COVID-19 symptons. Patients are required to wear face masks at all time 
  • After washing hands, patients’ temperature will be taken and oxygen saturation is measured to make sure of adequate oxygen level.
  • Patients will also be greeted with a dose of hand sanitizer upon arrival at the office and then escorted to the treatment room. 
  • No personal items except a wallet and phone may enter the office. Please leave  sweaters, jackets, umbrellas, pocketbooks either at home or safely hidden in the trunk of the car.
  • No extra persons will be allowed to wait in the waiting room. Exceptions include parents of a minor, or someone assisting the mobility of a patient. This extra person will also be screened for COVID-19 and must wear a mask while in the clinic.
  • CHECK-OUT  including herbal directions, payment and return visits will occur via phone.

“Vulnerable” Persons

The CDC defines a vulnerable person as someone who is more likely to have a severe infection with COVID-19. This includes anyone 65 and older or someone with a serious underlying health condition (click to see the CDC’s complete list). It is recommended that “vulnerable” individuals who have no antibodies to coronavirus wait to come in for treatment unless it is deemed medically necessary.

Positive Coronavirus Test?

Contact tracing is important if someone tests positive for coronavirus. If a patient tests positive for COVID-19 after being seen, they must notify the clinic so that appropriate measures can taken.

Likewise, if the practitioner tests positive for the coronavirus, patients who have been seen will be notified to possibly quarantine, depending on exposure.


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I love Bluemoon Acupuncture and Wellness Center!!! Megan is wonderful... her dedication to practicing acupuncture and wellness shows in her calm, caring and attentive manner. The atmosphere is so serene and comforting, it's a treat to go there. 5 stars plus many more for Bluemoon Acupuncture and Wellness Center.
Megan saved my sanity during a severe sciatica attack this past month. She provided the only pain relief I had over 6 weeks of treatments. None of the other sources - chiropractor, Urgent Care and PCP helped at all. Physical therapy plus the acupuncture have finally brought me to 98% pain-free and able to return to work. I have been recommending everyone I meet to come see Blue Moon Acupuncture and Megan! Thank you Megan!

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