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Bluemoon pulse Diagnostic  can reveal much


What’s in a heartbeat? ” Everything, according to Chinese medicine.”

Mojgan Rezaei believe that the human pulse can reveal as much about our health as a barrage of hospital tests. The art of pulse diagnosis traces its roots to ancient China. While Western physicians today may take the pulse briefly to find out the heart’s rhythm and beats per minute, a Chinese medicine practitioner may listen for an hour to make a diagnosis.

Medicine practitioner may listen for an hour to make a diagnosis. “It gives a blueprint and readout for understanding a person’s past history and where they’re headed with their health.

Pulse diagnosis has a language all its own. The practitioner listens for two things — the quality of the pulse and the wave form. Sixty qualities can be used to describe a pulse. The Chinese never practiced dissection, so they never adopted the idea that the pulse was just for the heart. They saw it in holistic terms, as a measure of chi, or life force throughout the body.

A normal pulse is shaped like a bell curve. The pulse can be tense, slippery, vibrating, choppy or empty. The heartbeat can be hollow full-overflowing, long, deficient or tight.


Studying pulse diagnosis is like deciphering Morse code. Some people have an ear for it, and some don’t.  To find out how Medical Pulse Diagnosis can reveal about your health contact Bluemoon Acupuncture And Wellness Center at 520-505-1404


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