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Natalie V.

Mojgan is a kind, compassionate, caring, patient and knowledgeable provider. She treated my 2 year old son for severe eczema and allergies. She was dedicated in helping him find comfort and healing. She helped pinpoint the different triggers that caused his flare-ups and educated us on preventative measures. She was able to gain his trust and he allowed her to treat him with pediatric acupuncture and Chinese herbs and ointments. Eczema, especially in young children, is a difficult condition to deal with. Her support, advice and care helped us manage the difficulty of his condition. We are better equipped and prepared to deal with it and have minimized his flare-ups. Bluemoon Acupuncture and Wellness Center comes highly recommended. 

 Jessica Reiching

I highly recommend Blue Moon Acupuncture. I saw Mojgan for severe allergies and she had me feeling better in no time. The office is very clean, but also has a relaxing feeling to it. On our first appointment Mojgan sat with me and took a very detailed history of my problems and was able to help with other issues I had given up on. I really can’t say enough about how much Mojgan and Blue Moon Acupuncture has helped me. Thank you Mojgan!

Gena DiPrinzio
I am so happy that I found Mojgan! I am in my first trimester of my first pregnancy and she has made a world of difference for my symptoms. Her calm and friendly demeanor makes me instantly relaxed when I walk through the door and I look forward to every visit. You will feel most comfortable in her knowledge and experience for any ailment you may be dealing with. Mojgan and her husband are a pleasure, you won’t be disappointed!!
I highly recommend Megan! I brought my daughter in for stomach issues. Megan not only helped with my daughter with this issue but also helped her with anxiety. Megan is kind and patient which made my daughter feel completely at ease.

 Jennifer Lichty

Mojgan is a knowledgeable healer with a kind heart. She makes you feel very welcome and relaxed and is very experienced in the practice of acupuncture. She helped me begin my journey to good health and has given me a breadth of helpful information to help me continue to keep my body healthy. I would recommend Bluemoon Acupuncture to anyone.
Roger Looyenga

Mojgan is a true professional in acupuncture. She is caring and very thorough. I highly recommend her. 


10 stars plus for Blue Moon Acupuncture having chronic pain carpal tunnel and sciatica Megan has turned my life around I no longer live in agony, now I can keep up with my grandchildren and have a productive life.Thank you Blue Moon Acupuncture.

Melanie Brockman

Megan is wonderful! Very professional and knowledgeable. She really helped me recover from my bad fall much faster than allopathic medicine would have.

Cat Bounds

I had an awesome experience today at Bluemoon. Megan is excellent! I went into the office not feeling well and when I left I felt wonderful! I have energy and my neck and shoulders are pain free!! Thank you Megan!!!

Best acupuncture I’ve ever had. Megan was amazing and very compassionate.
I came to Bluemoon acupuncture with a terrible lower back pain, It was my third day suffering, went to a chiropractor, took some medicine and the pain was still there. I’ve had acupuncture procedures before and forgot how effective and painless they are! I started to feel way better right after my first treatment, and free of pain three days after! Dr. Mojgan, your professionalism and commitment to your patients is outstanding! Thank you!!!
Bluemoon Acupuncture is a great place, very clean and comfortable environment. After only two sessions I was feeling significant relief from my pain. Thanks Again!
Wonderful clinic! Mojgan has a great bedside manner. The office is relaxing and comfortable.
If you have pain don’t waste anymore time. Come in and see Mojgan and I promise she will help you. My neck and back pain I’ve had for two years is finally going away after her treatments. I’ve tried everything else there is to try besides surgery. If you want things to change and the pain to finally go away, I highly recommend you try her methods. Just remember its a process so stick with it, if your like me the pain didn’t happen overnight so its not going to go away overnight. However, in only three visits I’ve improved more than I ever expected I would when I first came in. Don’t overthink it. You have nothing to lose besides the pain that has been ruining your life.
Having a foot issue for the past two years, I tried everything from MRI, shots, foot pads and nothing quite eleminated the pain. That’s when I decided to try to acupuncture and Bluemoon. After the first appointment I walked away pain free, which it stayed for a couple days. After my fourth treatment I didn’t even think about my foot pain. I’ve gone a week now fain free and hardly think about my foot at all.

The office area and patient rooms are all neat, clean, and most of all relaxing and welcoming. Senses I started going to Bluemoon, I’ve felt less stressed, happier and a sense of me back in my life. I’m very happy with my decision to use Bluemoon acupuncture and I think you will too.

 Walter Renton
Blue Moon is excellent. My neck was so stiff and sore that I could not easily turn or lift it. Mojgan is very skilled and used acupuncture, scraping, and fire cupping on my neck (back) as treatment. After several treatments, I can now get back to playing golf three times a week. Blue Moon’s office/treatment area is comfortable and always very clean; plus Mojgan and Ali are just very nice people. I’m so pleased to have found Blue Moon.
Navid Abed
After few visit my back pain was all gone. Extremely friendly and knowledgeable. She is very good at listening.
Matt Sohrabi
She did the best for me. She knows what she does.

Andi Smith

 My experience with Megan and Bluemoon acupuncture has been wonderful. Megan exhibits a strong ability to connect with my body and the issues going on. she is not afraid to try different techniques and uses a lot of strength and determination. she also offers herbal supplements and topical ointments which are very helpful as well. her beautiful smile and kind nature are also a lovely benefit! after several sessions to improve some back/hip issues, I am much improved. I highly recommend Bluemoon acupuncture!
 Felicia Menten
 I woke up with the worst back spasm I had ever had, and needed acupuncture ASAP. I had not yet found a practitioner since recently moving to the area – it was my lucky day that Megan had opened her practice in Oro Valley. I was able to get an appointment that very morning, and she took care of me. The combination of the acupuncture and herbs worked wonders – my back pain was nearly gone by the afternoon, and had completely diminished by the next morning. I was hiking again two days later. The office is very nice, the rooms are comfortable, and there is a pot of tea for you to enjoy in the waiting area. I would recommend Bluemoon to my friends without any hesitation.
Lynn Wagner
I have been seeing Megan for over a year now. I am so grateful for her passion, knowledge and attention to urgent and/or chronic issues. I always leave feeling less-stressed, ache or pain relief and that both my time and money were well spent. My visits to Blue Moon Acupuncture and treatments from Megan have become an important part of my preventive & overall wellness care.
Amanda Pegnam
I have been suffering from hormonal imbalances for a long time. After just a month of acupuncture, I feel ten times better! Mojgan really cares about her patients! I highly recommend Bluemoon Acupuncture.
 Katie K. Ylinen
I have been seeing Mojgan for a few months now for help with stress management, lifelong eczema, and potential food intolerances that all seem to be related. Between the acupuncture itself, and nutrition and herbal supplement guidance, Mojgan has helped me home in on some effective treatment solutions and lifestyle changes that have certainly made me feel better. Bluemoon’s practice really tries to approach your situation holistically, and with the bedside manner and empathy that on their own can provide great relief. It’s as much talk therapy as it is physical treatments, which I think is necessary for any person’s overall wellbeing!
judy Greenberg
I have been seeing Mojgan for several appointments now and have found each one to be very helpful. She always asks me where my aches or pain are and then adjusts her treatment accordingly. Mojgan is very patient and compassionate. I strongly recommend her. She always takes her time with treatment to accommodate my problem with my Back.
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