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Acupuncturist For Sports InjuryBalance Needling Acupuncture

Balance Needling Acupuncture  is a highly effective method of acupuncture. You might not know it but there are different styles of acupuncture just like there are different styles of music.

Most styles of acupuncture like TCM use what we call local acupuncture points. So areas of pain would be needled. If you had shoulder pain then the shoulder would be needled.  Balance Method Acupuncture is Changing acupuncture treatment. In Balance needling acupuncture the opposite leg or ankle would be needled to treat the shoulder pain.When a needle is inserted into the proper place it sends a signal to the brain via the nervous system to release enkephalins, the body’s own natural pain killers. Then the pain stops or is reduced immediately. When the pain stops, the blood vessels open up and bring nutrients and oxygen to the injured area thereby producing quick pain relief. That’s how the body heals itself.

Thanks to this acupuncture method, all of our patients will experience a substantial reduction of pain within seconds of treatment start. Balance needling differs from traditional acupuncture in frequency with treatment being performed more intensively (at least twice weekly). More frequent treatments allow for quicker results for the patient in terms of weeks rather than months. All chronic pains can be treated such as neck, frozen shoulder, cervical, dorsal, lumbar and sciatic pain, knee pain etc. as well as systemic conditions including migraine headaches, digestion, hormones, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, sleep, and stress. For more information and how Balance method  can help you contact Bluemoon Acupuncture Wellness Center at 520-505-1442 

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