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Generally, athletes frequently report weakness enervation at the wounded place that can cause a deep and dull ache. Further, there are sensations of needles and pins that give numbness and tingling feeling at the place of injury. Also, athletes may find it challenging to locate the pain with particular movements. In ancient Chinese culture, sports medicine acupuncture in Arizona cures injuries and is used to heal the body to alleviate pain. 

Thus, taking orthopedic and sports acupuncture from a reputable therapist is advised to cure the ache. But for that, you need to identify the suitable therapist for you by asking the right questions about their orthopedic and sports acupuncture services. 


What To Ask Before Taking Orthopedic And Sports Acupuncture Therapy?

According to various studies, orthopedic and sports acupuncture effectively heals sports injuries such as sprains, strains, shoulder, neck, wrist, elbow, hip, knee, swollen muscles, shin splints, and ankle pain. In addition to providing alternative treatment for the injury, sports acupuncture gives a competitive edge to athletes by imparting fast relief for improved performance. Let’s go through this post to know about the necessary questions to select the right Orthopedic Acupuncturist in Oro valley for you.

1. How Long Have You Been Serving Sports Acupuncture?

It is indispensable to ask experts about the experience they have in sports acupuncture therapy. Experience is the litmus that serves as an assured quality service. Consequently, the higher the experience, the greater effectiveness of services to sustain in the marketplace.

2. What Types Of Clothes Do You Need To Wear While Taking Sessions?

Comfortable clothing is ideal for sports acupuncture therapy. It is suggested to wear loose clothing to relax well during the therapy sessions. However, each therapy has its own clothing instructions to maximize the benefit of the sessions. Therefore, experts suggest you wear only comfortable clothes that may not cause soreness or pain while taking the therapy of the sports medicine acupuncture in Arizona.

3. How Much Time Is Needed To Complete The Sports Acupuncture Therapy?

The length of sports acupuncture sessions generally depends on the recommendations and needs of the acupuncturist. Usually, one therapy session can take up to one hour. Further, you can ask your consultant about the time needed for the session. It will help you estimate the time you need for other activities like changing clothes and wearing towels before the sessions. 

4. How Long Do The Positive Effects Of Sports Acupuncture Therapy Last?

There are various factors on which the positive effects of sports medicine acupuncture in Arizona depend. These factors are the patient’s overall health, age, any pre-existing conditions, the current condition that needs to be cured, and how long the patient is taking the therapy. On a general note, the positive effects of acupuncture last up to a few weeks to months to cure the problems. 

5. Does Sports Acupuncture Therapy Hurt?

Sports acupuncture therapy needs extremely thin needles that might not hurt you directly. However, many people have reported little or no pain when the needle is the place for the therapy. Also, people might feel muscle ache, but the therapy does not cause any pain overall. But, you should let the therapist know about the pain that occurs if any while taking the session.

Enhance Your Wellness With Sports Therapy!

Taking therapy at regular intervals imparts overall wellness to your life. These alternative pain-management therapies are known to uplift mood and provide wellness for life. Sports Acupuncture therapy helps cure strains, muscle aches, and bruises. Thus, athletes need to participate in regular therapy sessions to improve their performance. Do you need top-notch Pain Management Acupuncturists in Tucson? You can connect with Bluemoon Acupuncture and Wellness Center for effortless therapies in no time. Call us to schedule an appointment in advance at 520-505-1442.

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