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                                                        “Flu Proof” Your Kid this winter
According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) germ theory; germs don’t make you sick. Rather, your body’s inability to fend off germs and foreign invaders is what results in your child succumbing to illness.
1. A Healthy Immune System Starts in the Gut
What your kids eat will be the foundation on which their immune system is built. In TCM, a healthy diet rich in vegetables, bone broth, whole grains, fermented foods, essential fatty acids (like fish oil & coconut oil) are the way to go. Daily probiotics from fermented foods, yogurts or supplements help keep your child’s gut balanced by providing good bacteria like acidophilus and bifidus which support healthy immune function. Avoiding sugary foods and white flour foods is really important since it affects how well the immune system functions.
2. Pediatric Tuina Massage for Wellness
Another way we can strengthen our kids’ bodies to resist the flu is a nightly pediatric tuina massage. This massage is like a secret weapon. Doing it every night supports the immune system and stimulates the body to heal itself.
3. Herbal Remedies to Boost Immune Function
As an herbalist I have found that there are so many ways that work to boost immune function that it’s a matter of finding the right one for your kids that works and they’ll take on a regular basis. I like the time-tested Chinese herbal remedy, called Yu Ping Feng Wan, or Jade Screen, which contains a few herbs, including Astragalus to help boost immune function.
4. Slow Down in the Winter
All year round our kids are expected to keep the same routine, work hard at school, do mountains of homework and participate in after school activities. Shorter days during winter mean we should all be resting more and doing less to stay in rhythm with the season. If you see your kids are extra tired, cranky or stressed it’s time to dial back and clear the schedule.
5.Develop Healthy Habits & Routines
Even though you shouldn’t obsess about germs it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t help our kids develop healthy hygiene habits. Pay special attention to how well your kids are washing their hands. My kids still try to get away with a quick splash of water in lieu of soaping up. Make sure they have a routine on how to wash up and when. It should be mandatory to wash up after a trip to the store, going to the bathroom, before meals and after blowing their nose (they will try to trick you from time to time).
6.Get Sick to Stay Well
Don’t panic if your child begins to exhibit flu-like symptoms. There is no need to be afraid. As your child grows and develops they need to get sick and then get better to build a healthy immune system.

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