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Sciatic pain can be different for everyone depending on the cause and the intensity. It can be sharp, mild, or feel like a burning sensation. Although there are many treatments for sciatica, acupuncture is one of the popular remedies to relieve pain. An individual can feel sciatica pain anywhere along the nerve pathway. Most of the time, the pain is in the lower back, buttocks, or legs. To ease your pain, you may try acupuncture to treat sciatica in Saddlebrooke.

If you find the pain worsening daily and you are having difficulty moving, then acupuncture may give you relief. Studies have shown that acupuncture effectively treats sciatic pain without side effects like some pain relief medicines.

How Can Acupuncture Be A Proven Way To Ease Sciatic Pain?

Acupuncture is one of the oldest ways to treat sciatica. It may also be known to work well compared to other medications. Because of its effectiveness and higher success rate, more patients are moving toward this approach. Here are some proven reasons for choosing acupuncture to treat your sciatic pain.

  1. Speeds Up Nerve Repair

Acupuncture can speed up nerve healing as the process improves the blood flow and helps faster recovery. It is an effective method to fasten the healing of damaged nerves. The therapist inserts needles and keeps them for a few minutes. You require a few sessions to see the results.

  1. Improves Muscle Stiffness

During acupuncture healing, compounds like endorphins are released, which are pain suppressing. The needles help in curing the stiffness and the pain. The acupuncturist relaxes the tightened muscles with the help of needles. After a few sessions of cupping acupuncture in Oro Valley, you can see the effect in those tight bands of muscles causing pain and uneasiness.

  1. Works Well In Combination With Conventional Medicines

Acupuncture, when combined with medications, can boost the recovery rate. You can visit the acupuncturist while continuing your regular medicine. It has no side effects and can be done with conventional medicine but under expert supervision.

  1. Long Lasting Pain Relief

Sciatica hurts both physically and mentally as it reduces your efficiency. The interrupted sleep and work schedule can harm you in the long term. Acupuncture is a well-researched way to relieve sciatic pain for longer. You can discuss the required number of sessions with your acupuncturist.

  1. Improvement Can Be Seen After Few Sessions

If you find no relief in pain even after heavy medication, an orthopedic acupuncturist in Oro Valley can help you ease the pain in a few sessions. Patients with acute sciatica may also start seeing positive results in initial sessions.

Relieve Your Pain With Acupuncture

Is your sciatica pain interrupting you from focusing on your day-to-day activities? Then acupuncture treats sciatica in Saddlebrooke may benefit you. At Bluemoon Acupuncture and Wellness Center, you get electro-acupuncture therapy, cosmetic acupuncture & light therapy, dry needling, and other treatments without harmful medications. Please contact us if you want to ease your suffering with acupuncture.

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