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Are you the one always on the ground playing sports following your passion or your hobby? Shoulder injuries are inevitable for athletes playing tennis, baseball, etc., requiring more shoulder involvement. However, these injuries can be treated through proper medications and rest. We know it’s hard to prevent yourself from running on the ground and sit patiently on the pavilion during these times. As a result, you might want to recover quickly and go back to playing the game to experience the thrill again. 

What about making electro acupuncture therapy or sports acupuncture a part of the healing process along with physical therapy or treatments like surgery? It will make the recovery faster preventing you from getting out of the game because of the injury. Are you currently undergoing any other treatment? Fret not! Electroacupuncture therapy handled by professionals can accompany any treatment and aid you heal faster. Do you know the best part? It is painless! 


Ways Electro Acupuncture Do Wonders To Heal Athlete’s Shoulder Injury

Are you yearning to run to the ground and start playing till the sun sets in the same manner like before? We understand that the hardest time in any athlete’s life can be a shoulder injury or any other body injury. It might take days for you to recover and start running again on the ground. 

Electroacupuncture therapy can help you recuperate faster as acupuncture heals chronic pain. How? Here we have prepared a list of top shoulder injuries demonstrating the way electro acupuncture helps in the treatment of these injuries. Continue reading the list to get the answer. 

Treating Adhesive Capsulitis 

Adhesive capsulitis, popular by the name of frozen shoulder, becomes visible with the formation of scar tissues in the fibrous capsule. The fibrous capsule is responsible for connecting the shoulder joint. The thickening and contraction of the tissue inside the capsule leads to mobility restriction and shoulder pain while moving the arms. This injury can restrict the game of an athlete. Thankfully it is curable with the help of electro acupuncture therapy

Heal Rotator Cuff 

There are many sports that involve moving your arms above the head or shoulder throwing. The sports injury known as the rotator cuff can restrict these movements. At some point or another, many athletes suffer from this shoulder injury. However, there are many solutions for this injury. These solutions include physical therapy, acupuncture, and pharmaceutical drugs. There is a growing popularity of sports Medicine Acupuncture in Arizona for rotator cuff injuries. You can employ it either as a complete treatment or as an addition to other treatments. 

Get Rid Of Swimmer’s Shoulder

Swimmer’s shoulder, or you call it shoulder impingement syndrome. The athletes suffering from this injury know the pain and the consequences. This injury is commonly viewed in athletes swimming, playing volleyball, tennis, and other games involving overhead rotational motion by athletes. It is crucial to prevent this state. However, what if you got injured and diagnosed with a swimmer’s shoulder? Acupuncture can be a great help for you as a complete treatment or as an addition to your other treatments. 

Rest Along With Acupuncture Therapy For Laburnum Tear Shoulder laburnum is much-needed support for your ball and socket joints and rotator cuff tendons and muscles that help your shoulder stabilizer. What will happen if your shoulder laburnum gets damaged? You might suffer from partial or complete shoulder dislocation! Are you seeking a cure? The best way of healing the laburnum tear is to take electro acupuncture therapy or accompany it with other therapy to make the process faster. 

Prevent Further Shoulder Damage With Our Sports Acupuncture Therapy!

Do you love being on the ground for the longest possible time? It is the same for every athlete who loves sports. However, shoulder injuries like frozen shoulder, rotator cuff, swimmer’s shoulder, and laburnum tear can restrict your game. You might get hospitalized for weeks, praying for a faster recovery to get back on the 

ground again. Do you know you can heal faster by opting for electro acupuncture therapy or sports acupuncture

Whether you take this as your primary treatment method or along with other treatments, Bluemoon Acupuncture and Wellness Center is the right place for you. You get expert treatment at a price like never before. How? Contact us today and experience it yourself!


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