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While we all strive to prioritize our health in our own ways, athletes take it to another level. Health, especially weight management, becomes their utmost concern, as it significantly impacts their performance. However, despite their efforts in maintaining a healthy diet, athletes may face challenges in losing weight. In such situations, sports acupuncture emerges as a potential solution to restore balance. In this writeup, we will explore how sports medicine acupuncture can assist athletes in their weight management journey.


Here is How Athletes Can Lose Their Weight With Sports Acupuncture

It can concern many how sports acupuncture for weight loss can be beneficial. The below pointers address the same; let us read through them.

1.  Sports Acupuncture Can Improve Digestion

A slow digestion process can lead to weight gain, as it weakens our gut health and make us get constipation and other relevant issues. Human bodies have acupuncture points for the stomach and kidneys as well. By getting acupuncture done using these points, athletes can improve the functioning of their digestive system. These acupuncture points can enhance their gut health and relieve constipation. Sports acupuncture can even increase the amount of nutrients. Further, it will lead to fat disposition, eventually resulting in weight loss.

2.  It Helps With Reducing Inflammation

Tensed guts and other muscles of the body slowdowns our metabolism and can put strains, which can further damage our immune system. The levels of oxidative stress can be lowered with the help of sports acupuncture or chronic pain therapy for weight loss. Acupuncture can help athletes optimize their bodies and release the excess pounds they may have gained for any reason.

3.  Acupuncture Can Help Stop Water Retention

When our body stores excess water, our chances of quick weight gain doubles. So, for this reason, sports medicine acupuncture can stimulate the kidney nerves, enabling the endocrine system to discourage water retention. It will greatly help athletes and other sportspeople keep their weight balanced. So, sportspeople concerned about their weight loss and gain can go for continuous acupuncture sessions for athletes and keep their weight balanced.

4.  Sports Acupuncture Helps In Hormones Production

An imbalance in hormone levels can negatively affect several bodily functions, from our digestive system to our immune system functioning. There are two shen men points in our body, one in the ear and the other near the crease of our wrist. The one present in our ears is effective in balancing our hormone levels.

5.  It Can Help Improving Metabolism

The functioning of our pituitary gland can be boosted with the help of needles stimulating the thyroid area. Once the metabolism is improved, it will fasten the fat-burning process, further resulting in weight loss. So if you have gained weight lately by any chance, you can get your metabolism levels tested and take the steps accordingly.

6.  Acupuncture Improves Mood

Endorphins, often known as feel-good hormones, are known to be released during acupuncture. Endorphins are released by our brains, which relieve stress and anxiety. Due to stress and anxiety, sportsmen can also overeat from their regular diets sometimes, which makes them gain weight. These urges can be reduced with the help of different techniques of acupuncture including electro acupuncture therapy.

7.  Ear Acupuncture Therapy For Weight Loss

Ear Acupuncture Therapy is also known as Auricular Acupuncture. It is been widely adopted after several studies have revealed that this therapy is highly effective for weight loss. So the athletes can also be benefitted from this therapy and get their health back in balance.

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