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Acupuncture is a chinese medical practice and specialty in which narrow needles are inserted into specific areas of the body by either practitioners or electrical stimulation. Even though acupuncture is a part of the age-old practice in traditional Chinese medicine, it is gaining massive popularity recently. Currently, acupuncture is used for various treatments, such as joint pain, headaches, and hormones, and even for improving the weakened immune system. But about its uses in sports? Is acupuncture good to be used in sports, especially athletes? Well, the short answer is yes. The fact is that athletes are already using sports medicine acupuncture in Arizona in some way or the other.


Know How Sports Acupuncture Can Help Athletes Excel

One of the many reasons acupuncture is gaining popularity among athletes is its effectiveness in reducing anxiety, pain, releasing tight muscles, and improving blood circulation. The below pointers will explain the benefits of sports acupuncture for athletes.

1.  Acupuncture Provides Swift Recovery

It is capable of decreasing inflammation and speeding up the healing process. When athletes heal and recover from their injuries quickly, they can come back on the track and continue with their regular practice.

2.  Sports Acupuncture Can Make Athletes More Flexible

Acupuncture helps decrease muscle tension and activates the muscle with the help of motor point acupuncture, similar to the intramuscular stimulation technique or chronic pain therapy. The motor point is typically found where the motor nerve enters the muscle in the middle of the muscle mass.

3.  Athletes Are Not Required To Take Long Rest Days

It often happens with athletes that their muscles start to ache and become sore due to their intense workouts and training. In such cases, taking a few days off for their rest can hamper their daily routine of workouts, physical exercise, and training. Hence, sports medicine acupuncture for athletes can loosen their muscles and reduce soreness. It enables them to continue their training without taking a day off for rest.

4.  Acupuncture Works As An Instant Pain Relief Formula

Athletic acupuncture has the potential to offer immediate pain relief to athletes, though the timing and effectiveness of the relief vary based on the specific condition being treated. While some athletes may experience relief immediately after the session, others might feel it after a few minutes or even hours. It is crucial to understand that the duration of the relief can range from half an hour to several days.

5.  Acupuncture Can Prevent Injuries

According to some experts, acupuncture can be used as a preventive measure against injuries by reactivating weak muscles and reducing tensions between muscles.

6.  It Can Improve Concentration And Help Reduce Performance Anxiety

Athletes tend to be highly concentrated and focused on their performance, competing with their fellow athletes by performing at higher levels. The inclination of athletes to experience acute anxiety can negatively impact their mental well-being. However, research has found that acupuncture can play a significant role in reducing anxiety and improving cognitive function among athletes.

7.  Acupuncture Is Highly Effective In Increasing Blood Circulation

Athletes can increase and improve blood circulation through acupuncture. It increases blood flow to the treated muscles. It is because blood transports oxygen and nutrients to tissues and aids in removing waste products and cellular debris.

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